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Step-by-Step Guide to Application Services

From understanding your interests, your choice of course, finalising your university to saying you bye as you depart for a new future, everything will be taken care of. You can count on us for a smooth transition from your home country, to your desired destination for your education Abroad.

Application Process in detail:

Step 1: Research and Assessment

To begin with, you and our education counsellors have back to back brainstorming discussions, regarding your profile. The profile is micro analysed, understanding what can be done to make it better and recognizing gaps, if they exist. 

Our experts help you with a list of things that can improve your profile and get you closer to the university of your choice. 

We understand that universities abroad look at your holistic development instead of just looking at your academics. Your application is reviewed by the admission panel of institutes on three main areas: 

    • Your Academics
    • Your Profile
    • Your Test Scores

Our experts help you present in front of institutes and improve your chances of getting admission in your dream university or college for further study.

Step 2: College Short listing

Once your profile is flawless and stands out, we move towards the next step: Shortlisting of Universities.

The world is full of attractive universities and courses, but not all suit your profile and your taste. Hence, in this shortlisting process, we match your profile with the courses you want to apply for and help you choose and shortlist the university, which is apt for complimenting your course requirements. We also ensure that students eligible or looking to pursue a Return of Investment (ROI) based education have the options to cover up the countless expenses faced while studying in a foreign country.

Step 3: Applications Processing and Documentation

Once your university has been finalised, the next very important step is to fill out your application form. This is a very crucial step. Your form has to be picture perfect as it speaks for you, with the university of your choice.

Our trained team guides you for your essays and SOPs, which make or break the case for you.

Once your form is completed and (application) essays, SOPs are ready, we help you with suitable LORs that add a final touch to your application form.

Step 4: Visa Process

Visa documents are sometimes like a tricky riddle, but with Study Square, you need not worry at all. Our Experts from the Visa Department will help you understand and arrange the right set of documents and that will help you have a smooth visa process. 

With Study Square, file your Visa application timely and correctly.

Step 5: Departure from you home country

The final step, where all the aforementioned hard work pays off. It’s time to say bye-bye to your home country and take off for the country where a new life awaits you. We coordinate with your university for your arrival and complete briefing to get you onboarded in the most appropriate manner. A new life awaits you, good luck.

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Get in touch with our experienced and trustworthy team at Study Square to get assistance and guidance on your study pathways.

Get in touch with Study Square to square off all your confusion in your preparations for studying abroad.

Get in touch with Study Square to square off all your confusion in your preparations for studying abroad.

Get in touch with Study Square to square off all your confusion in your preparations for studying abroad.