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Step-by-Step Guide to Application Services

Study Square is committed to help you guide and prepare the college application starting from profile evaluation till your departure to your target country. We have all that you require for successful transition from your country to the destination country for study.

Consultants at Study Square are highly experienced and certified to help achieve your goal through the following journey.

Application Process

Your process of application is usually divided in 5 steps:

Step 1: Research and Assessment

We do brainstorm sessions with you to discuss your profile. We do Gap Analysis and suggest you to fill the gap, if required. The institutions abroad do not strictly look at your academics only even they look at your holistic development. Your overall profile is divided in three categories – 1. Your Academics, 2. Your Profile and 3. Your Test Scores. Every category has equal importance initially but with the process of analysing your application, college admission team may give more weightage to one of these if you have done anything great in that. We suggest students how to improve your chances of getting admission in your dream college for further study.

Step 2: College Short listing and Budget Mapping

There are so many colleges and programs that could attract you. We help you shortlist colleges as per your profile not just only on the basis of the academic record that you have earned. We understand that the short listing of colleges is a mechanism, not just filtering. We map your goal, budget, and ROI with the course and college that fits you best. Our highly motivated team is trained on these parameters that help them give a list of colleges to you that are matched with your profile. 

Step 3: Applications Processing and Documentation

Our certified and trained consultants assist you to make your applications of colleges and further submit with the documents required. We help and guide you on the outline of application essays or statements of purpose which you have to prepare to submit to colleges along with your application. Apart from this, we assist you in building your resume and collecting Letters of Recommendation from your recommenders. We also help you prepare for the Interview that may be lined up by the college or university. 

Step 4: Visa Process

Our Visa expert helps you with documentation and submits visa fees. You are also required to file your visa on time with the I-20 letter received from college or university that has given admission to you.

Step 5: Departure from you home country

Your dreams have come true now. It is the time to depart to another country. We arrange pre-departure for you to give you information pre-arrival and post-arrival sessions. We make you familiar with the foreign cultures, academic standards, living standards, commuting rules, and their lifestyle.

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Get in touch with Study Square to square off all your confusion in your preparations for studying abroad.

Get in touch with Study Square to square off all your confusion in your preparations for studying abroad.

Get in touch with Study Square to square off all your confusion in your preparations for studying abroad.