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Saurabh Baid

Founder and Managing Director   

It is my honour as I introduce myself and my dream, Study Square to you!

My journey as an international education student was started in 2005, when I decided to pursue my MBA from LaTrobe University. As an individual, pursuing education abroad, I became well aware of the struggles students have to go through to get a chance to study abroad. With the struggles, grew my desire of wanting to make students realise their global education dream, while minimizing those hassles for them. 

I founded my first education consulting agency in 2008 which went on to become a global venture and has been one of the fastest-growing education agencies. After causing major ripples in my 12 years of experience in student services, I decided to further extend that commitment with my newest initiative, Study Square. 

We believe every student can study at the university and the place of their choice through our ethical partnership with the best global education providers. Our partnerships are from countries like Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, US & UK, with more on the way!

Our team is dedicated to providing the best service to students and our Institutional Partners with expertise, ethics, honesty and passion. As a member of NAFSA and QEAC as an individual, I have imbibed their values in all that we do at Study Square. We believe in working closely with students and guiding them towards realising their dreams of global education.

I want the students to know that your dream of International education can take flight with the right help and guidance. I also want to notify parents that your child can study at the university and the place of their choice through our genuine partnerships with the best global education providers and deserves the best of the education and nothing less. To all of the universities that we have partnered with, I would like to thank you for giving a chance to thousands of students in pursuing the best education possible.

I should say to all my fellow International education providers that we should work in congruence with the needs of students and improve their lives’ through honest guidance and a feedback system. 

I look forward to working with every student who wants to make his / her study abroad dream true and every individual who is committed to contribute in making international education accessible to students around the world.

Steve Herbert


The Hon. Steve Herbert has been a member of the Australian Parliament for multiple terms. In 2004 he was appointed Minister for Training and Skills, the first-ever state Minister for International Education in Victoria, Australia.

Under his Ministerial guidance, International Education in Victoria expanded significantly. Steve has been directly responsible for a major transformation of apprenticeships and training. He has overhauled and transformed the vital TAFE sector and was responsible for modernizing University governance. Steve has advised governments at both a State and a Commonwealth level.

In 2002, he was appointed as the chair of the inaugural all-party Parliamentary Education and Training Committee. He has also served as the Shadow Minister for Higher Education and Skills and as the Shadow Minister or the Teaching Profession.

At Study Square, Steve brings his expertise and in-depth knowledge in Australian education and will contribute towards long term strategies and solutions with the aim to strengthen brand and its foot-print.

Mark Shay


Mark Shay is a business leader with 30 years of successful history in helping higher education institutions recruit, retain and better serve students. He has built several companies on his own and been a key executive in several other early stage ventures. 

He has been known as an innovator for developing products like,, creating international student recruiting solutions for agents and universities, and his consulting expertise in areas of sales and marketing. Over the past decade he has worked to bring several agents to the US market including IDP Education, QS Advance etc. He was the first agent representative to serve as a Board member of AIRC and has been a strong proponent of the use of agents as a standard practice in international student recruitment. Mark helped Study Square develop its initial portfolio of US institutions and as an Advisor remains a connection between the company and the American higher education sector.

Prem Ratan Baid 

Director (India)    

One of the most resourceful personalities out there, Mr Prem Baid is a go-to person for strategic decision making at Study Square India. Someone who is a master of building relationships, Prem Sir is a great negotiator and moderator. He is the man behind the unparalleled pace of growth of Study Square.

One of the most stunning first-genera­tion entrepreneurs. Mr Prem is a pillar whose areas of knowledge are endless and decision-making is spontaneous and accurate.

Ketan Ranka 

Director of Finance (India)     

Graduated from NMIMS and Masters from SP Jain Mumbai, with Entrepreneurship as specialisation at both institutes. Ketan is an avid trekker, reader and an adventure junkie, and spends most of his idle time engaged in sports. He started his first company at 19, recognised under Start-up India programme of Indian Government, the company was selling music to music moguls of India. Ketan is a strong believer that finance can make or break any organisation and will lead study square as Director of finance for its India operations.

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Get in touch with Study Square to square off all your confusion in your preparations for studying abroad.

Get in touch with Study Square to square off all your confusion in your preparations for studying abroad.